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GZQ series vibration fluidized bed dryer
Fluidized bed dryer is made from materials imported feed into the machine, in the vibrating force, the material along the horizontal fluid bed throw, continuous forward motion, hot air upward through a fluidized bed heat exchanger with wet material, wet after the dust from the air by the cyclone exhaust 1: 3 is discharged. Dried material is discharged from the discharge imports. Applicable to chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetables, grain, mineral and other industries powder, dry granular materials, cooling and other operations.
XF Series Horizontal Fluidizing Dryer
Boiling dry, also known as fluidized bed, which consists of air filter, heater, boiling bed, cyclone separator, bag filter, high pressure centrifugal fan, operation table, due to the different nature of the dried materials, ancillary equipment when dust , you may need to be considered, which can select cyclone separator, bag filter, also choose one of them.
GFG series efficient boiling dryer
GFG series efficient boiling dryer works: After the air is purified and heated, introduced from the bottom induced draft fan through the hole hopper screen. In the studio, by mixing and fluidization negative pressure is formed, after the water is evaporated and removed rapidly, fast drying material.
LZG series spiral vibration dryer
Wet material from the top of the feed inlet into the spiral bed, under the effect of centrifugal force and the circumferential direction of gravity, the material along the helix bed from the bottom up as a jumping motion; at the same time, clean and hot air into the bottom of the bed by the spiral, and distribute the material in the bed full of heat and mass transfer, the humidity discharged from the top of the mouth. So that the material to achieve the purpose of drying.
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