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Situation drying equipment industry, and prospects of development proposals

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  Conventional drying equipment the domestic market needs, as well as international market needs a major drying equipment, basic able to create their own country, which indicates a history of mainly imported drying equipment has ended. But there are still some problems and worries. Problems According to the China General Machinery Industry Association drying equipment to predict the next few years, China's chemical industry, drying equipment demand will reach 3,000 (sets) around; pharmaceutical drying equipment with annual demand will reach 3,000 units (sets) around; Agriculture and Forestry , food, light industry and other industries are expected drying equipment with annual demand will reach 5,000 units (sets) around. At present, China drying equipment in the domestic market share of more than 80%.

  Expected to "fifteen" period, the domestic drying equipment in the domestic market share will reach 90%. Currently existing problems outstanding performance for regional focus and technical innovation capability is not strong in two ways. Enterprise distribution is concentrated drying equipment industry, the company is based on the majority of the industry early on gradually derived business, location is relatively concentrated, personnel structure has serious flaws. Until now, enterprises are mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Liaoning, black, several businesses in the region accounted for almost 50% of the entire industry, and in sharp contrast, there are some areas of our country does not drying equipment manufacturing enterprises. Intense competition within the industry, some companies focus on immediate interests, the lack of systematic development of ideas to improve the overall quality of the slow, seriously hampered the normal development of the industry. Technology development capability is not strong after the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, China's economic growth potential has been effectively released, the supply and demand relationship is formed shortage economy has undergone a fundamental change, the initial formation of a buyer's market. Under the pressure of a buyer's market, some companies are chasing the market rather than to find and develop new markets, the company's focus on the recent market demand for more mature products. Therefore the oven, vibration fluidized bed, spray and other products, manufacturers are more concentrated, competition is fierce. The industry engaged in the development of drying equipment companies less, and improve new product launches new products mainly rely on each other to imitate. Development recommends the use of advanced technology, improve product quality and drying equipment technology with the industry compared to developed countries, there are still some gaps.

  Current market, low-tech products dominates. After China's accession to WTO, there will be more international counterparts to enter the domestic market, with growing international competition, we will face enormous competitive pressures. The world's leading manufacturer of drying equipment, such as Denmark's Niro Group, Japan, etc., have Okawara Corporation have set up branches in China, the Chinese market snatch. With the accelerated process of economic globalization, more multinational companies will shift to target the Chinese market. Increasingly fierce competition requirements of our enterprise must through technological progress, absorbing foreign advanced technology and innovation to improve product quality. Thinking in product development to large-scale equipment, automation control, the quality of surface treatment equipment, corrosion-resistant material selection efforts, the development of multi-functional combination of machines, to promote the continuous extension of the product life cycle. Industry associations should organize more enterprises to participate in international technical exchange, absorb the latest technological achievements, and improve industry-wide technology. Restructuring the enterprises, cultivating core competitiveness of drying industry is characterized by enterprises small, not strong, not special, not fine, quantity and the overall quality is not high; most companies are poorly managed, appropriate economies of scale not reached, should by industry associations guidance and coordination, change status blind development. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and three relative concentration of enterprises can consider using the Joint venture, cooperation, acquisition of migration to the Midwest, to find a broader space for survival and development. Between enterprises in the industry to go the way of powerful alliances, cultivating a number of technical strength, with large companies and well-known brands with independent intellectual property, enterprise groups in the industry. Form their own special products and special services. Low innovation capacity of drying equipment manufacturing enterprises, it is possible to introduce new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, very few new products business, which is an important reason for the slow development of drying technology.

  At present, there are dozens of colleges and universities, research institutes engaged in research and development of drying technology, distributed in the East and West, but most knowledge of the results did not effectively translated into practical productive forces. Enterprises should be the mainstay of technological innovation, it should be directly associated with these universities and research institutes in various forms joint, so that resources reasonable allocation and utilization, and effectively foster the development of innovative capability of enterprises.

  Prospects for future drying equipment industry, the focus of competition will focus on product quality, technology, service and price. On the type of drying equipment, hot air will be heated atmospheric drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment-based, other special areas such as the far-infrared drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, users will also gradually expand the number of applications. In the food, pharmaceutical and dried aspects of vacuum freeze-drying equipment will increase demand for larger size device with combination of features (such as granulation - drying, dry - filtration) equipment demand will increase, high automation drying equipment in some applications would be welcome. In addition, drying equipment more and more attention to the appearance of quality, corrosion ability corrosive materials drying equipment and reliable performance, the user will receive special attention.

  At present, China's drying equipment industry has begun to enter a more mature stage of development, can better meet the actual needs of users in various fields, and the price is only 1/3 of the same product abroad, which makes drying equipment than the competition in the market imported equipment with a clear price advantage; on the other hand, due to the drying equipment larger, most also involve on-site installation, commissioning and after-sales service, etc., so the domestic users, the use of domestic equipment, more use imported equipment more convenient. On the international market, China's accession to WTO, more conducive to drying equipment to expand exports. At present, China's main export products are drying equipment vacuum drying equipment, drying equipment vibration, small grain, food and agriculture, forestry, native products drying equipment, the annual export volume of over one hundred units, the main export area in Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and It has opened the door to European and American markets. At present, China's total exports accounted for drying equipment drying equipment made in China for less than 5%, experts predict drying equipment exports in the total percentage of domestic drying equipment will reach more than 10% of the "fifth" period. In international competition, our drying equipment manufacturer's main competitors are Denmark, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and Japan. Compared with competitors, the advantages of drying equipment is inexpensive, mainly due to the inadequacies of the degree of automation and control products, the appearance of quality, feature sets and a combination of aspects to be further improved.

  Thus, the domestic drying equipment manufacturing enterprises should make full use of China's accession to the WTO opportunities, strengthen technological exchanges with foreign countries and learn from the foreign ministers of advanced drying equipment, to accelerate the advancement of automation and control the degree of drying equipment, appearance quality, feature sets and a combination of, narrow the gap with foreign products, increase trust among users of our products, so that our drying equipment is not only in the domestic market, but also in foreign markets can take place. Our country is now producing an increasing variety of drying equipment, expanding the scope, level and quality of products is rapidly increasing, market competitiveness is increasing. In particular, China issued a government supported exports all related policies for the domestic drying equipment manufacturing enterprises to create an excellent external conditions, which show good prospects for the development of drying equipment. Drying equipment common sense: the former common dryer types of common species are a spray dryer, flash dryer, fluidized bed dryer, fluid bed spray granulation drying machines. Spray Dryer Spray drying is one of the fastest drying equipment in progress equipment.

  Conventional spray methods are three kinds: rotary atomization, pressure atomization and gas atomization. Rotary atomizer spray drying is characterized by single large capacity (up to the amount of spray 200t / h), easy to control the feed rate, operating flexibility, used widely. Pressure atomizer spray drying is characterized by coarse particles can be manufactured, and easy maintenance. Since the nozzle hole is very small, easy to plug, it must be strictly filtered liquid feed. Nozzle orifice wear shall wear-resistant material. Pressure nozzle there is a new structure called the pressure - air flow nozzle. It is characterized as a center pressure nozzle, environmental clearance for airflow around the nozzle. Atomization in two stages: first forming a liquid membrane pressure nozzles, the second film by air atomization, so that finer droplets. The advantage of this type of nozzle:

(1) adjusting the pressure of compressed air, you can adjust the droplet diameter, simple operation;

(2) large volume, high-viscosity liquid material can also be atomized into fine droplets; 3 If you disable the compressed air, the original pressure nozzle can be used.

  Gas atomization is mainly used for laboratory and pilot plant, its power consumption. The first two atomizer can not atomized liquid material, the use of air-atomizing nebulizer possible. High viscosity paste, paste and filter cake material may be three fluid atomizing nozzle. Air dryer air drying technology is mature, if the operation data can be directly designed. Currently, there are a lot of drying equipment manufacturer able to provide this type of equipment. Fluidized bed dryer fluidized bed dryer after the spray dryer. Feeding parts into an agitator fluidized bed dryer and the heat exchanger having a fluidized bed dryer. When using a fluidized bed dryer is easy to unite or caking of powder material in the feed water is relatively large segment generated fluidized difficult phenomenon, then set the stirrer in the feed zone, to eliminate clumping problem, can achieve normal flow of. The latter is the heat conduction and convection heat combination, when used in normal hot air fluidized state can not meet the heat required for drying, using a heat exchanger disposed within the supply part or most of the heat, which operating modes can be significant energy savings. There are various forms of the heat exchanger. Fluidized bed drying is also often used in combination of the second and third stages dryer. Vibration is applied in ordinary fluidized bed, said vibration fluidized bed. Vibration fluidized generated from the vibration source can be divided into two categories: one for vibration motor; the other for ordinary spring vibration motor excitation by me. Large size when vibration fluidized bed, preferably the latter effect.   The fluidized-bed spray granulation process is fluidized dryer technology, spray drying technology and technology combine the three. It is the atomized liquid material is sprayed onto the seed has been fluidized bed, so that the seed has grown up and drying, to be brought up to the required size of the ejector outside. The devices are small, large capacity, capable of producing large particles. Industrial application of this equipment has been increasing.

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